Carole Leskin Photo/Used by permission.
Reflections on Aging

These Precious Days

It’s no secret. You can read about it in every type of media. Watch people discuss it on cable TV, even on PBS. There are books, podcasts and TED Talks. And you probably mention it [Read more…]

Reflections on Aging

The Gift of Memory: Remembering Jenni

Cantor Rhoda Harrison, Ph.D., from Congregation M’kor Shalom in Cherry Hill, NJ, recalls a childhood friend who died much too early, and the continuing gift her memory provides. [Read more…]

Baby Boomer Bubbe

I Have More Years Behind Me Than I Do In Front of Me

Today is the 51st birthday of my daughter, the eldest child of three. I tossed and turned all last night, thinking it was because I was not in my own bed while doing an overnight [Read more…]