Reflections on Aging

The Chain of Tradition

A meaningful connection between our elder generations of age 50+ and our synagogues has profound implications in keeping our tradition vibrant and alive. Active embrace of these cohorts is a key to Jewish continuity and [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Rabbi Jonathan Kendall: Empty Chairs

A Pesach anecdote: when I became the Senior Rabbi at a large Miami congregation, among my many meetings with the Founding Rabbi Emeritus, the issue of the community Seder (though months away) became the focus [Read more…]

D'vrei Torah

Under the chupah … an interesting transition

Every once in a while, life hands you one of those opportunities that remind you of truth. These opportunities are often of mixed values. I have one this month. After a long wait, my son, [Read more…]

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Baby Boomer Bubbe

To Daven or to Play Ball? That is the Question…

My Bubbe was a wise sage, Russian born, orphaned by the time she was nine months old, separated from three of her four siblings while she and a sister were raised by their wealthy/rabbi/merchant maternal [Read more…]

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Resource Articles

The Jewish Writing Project

Stories are a pathway to all of our souls. For centuries, people have related to each other, learned from each other and connected with each other through the sharing of stories. The development of “spiritual [Read more…]