Passover Table 2, by April Killingsworth, from under Creative Commons 2.0 license.
D'vrei Torah

The End of Passover

Tonight is the seventh night of Pesah, and for Israelis and Reform Jews, the final night. I have just lit a memorial candle in memory of our deceased first degree family members: Sylvia and Bob [Read more…]

Adam Greene 18 years old, grandson; Marvin Greene 38 years old, grandfather; Mike Greene 22 years old, grandson. Marvin died in 1962. Adam and Mike were Photoshopped into the picture in 2008, 46 years after Marvin died!
Baby Boomer Bubbe

Honoring My Parents on Their Yahrtzeit

My parents died when they were 38 years old. In a car accident. A drunk driver hit us head-on. I lived. I was 16. I have always been plagued about why I survived. It’s not [Read more…]