Guest Post: Health, Empathy, and Interconnection

I work out regularly at the local tennis and fitness center. I’ve been a member there for many years, and I love their Yoga Centre. The us made sarms that I consume adequate for all [Read more…]

Radio Show

BGR 1/27/2015: Medium and yoga instructor Alaine Portner and Dixie Bosley, Washington DC clinical hospice nurse liaison

On the January 27 edition of Boomer Generation Radio, Rabbi Address speaks with Alaine Portner, founder and director of the Yoga Center of Medford, and a spiritual teacher and medium. Portner is also the author [Read more…]

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D'vrei Torah

D’var Torah: When the truth is found to be lies: The Coen brothers’ Rorschach for serious people

I learned about Jewish spirituality in a yoga class in 1971. I lay prone on the carpeted floor, relaxing after achieving the challenging Bridge posture for the first time. I had thought that the pose’s [Read more…]