Take Time

vintage golden clock in aged railway station terminal with arched windows
Photo by William Fortunato on Pexels.com

Take time to stop to slow it down
inhale deeply and release
all those negative thoughts and fears
take time to write,
to expose the inner sanctum
of your heart
and to create inside a space for healing.

Take time to look out and see
the small buds on the trees
so tiny the promise of their fragrance
still buried deeply
beneath the spiny bark.

Take time to look out and behold
the blue shade of the sky
the promise of the day
when our masks can be tossed aside
and the fullness of our faces
can be seen in all their glory.

Take time to notice
how you feel today
how are you doing?
Can you feel the regenerative powers
of breath filling your spirit?
Or are you barely breathing?
Notice that.

Take time to read
to be still in your centeredness
in your holiness in your
mishkan m’at
your holy me-at mat place
where the space of forgiveness
opens wide
like a river of kindness and compassion
flowing from top to toe
widening and expanding.

Take time,
make time.
For there is only this moment
to be enjoyed
to be cherished
to be shared
to bring blessing.
Only this moment for self love.

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