Tanya Yarkoni, founder of Rezilient.co, discusses her online resource for caregivers, on the Seekers of Meaning Podcast

This week on the Seekers of Meaning Podcast, Tanya Yarkoni discusses her soon-to-launch online resource for caregivers for seniors, rezilient.co, a science-based coaching app that will provide tools and information for caregivers and families dealing with caregiving needs for seniors and other family members who need assistance with daily activities.

About the Guest

Tanya YarkoniTanya Yarkoni is the mother of a child with special needs who requires 24/7 care. She believes caregiving is the ultimate opportunity to build self-awareness and become a better version of yourself. Tanya is also the founder of a startup called Rezilient, a personalized, behavior change technology platform for family caregivers that reduces the chances of burnout. She is originally from England, spent many years in New York, and today lives with her family in Israel.

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