Shalom: As we have many Medicare eligible people who come to and our Facebook page, I sought out some advice from my doctor about the tele-medicine issue that were announced on March 18. The response came from my doctor and I have been given permission  to post this. Always check with your own health care provider to make sure this is true for your area…ask if your provider is allowing tele-medicine visits and.or is set up for them.

To quote the email reply that I received: Yes, it is available and allows Medicare patients to have office visits with their doctors from their home. they must have video and audio components such as Skype or FaceTime for it to count as a visit. in addition, the billing is the same so co-pays and co-insurance on the patients part still apply. Basically we bill the visit the same as if we saw the patient in person. this is only allowed during this crises time but does allow at risk patients to stay home if they want to do a television. there are other options for portal messaging charges and quick 5-10 minute phone consult charges but these are different than an actual visit.

Take care and stay safe

Rabbi Richard F Address

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