Temple Judea of Coral Gables, FL: 3 Part Program On Sacred Aging

Rabbi Judith Siegal (j.siegal@judeagables.org) senior rabbi of Temple Judea in Coral Gables, Florida, recently completed a three part series for her congregation on Sacred Aging. A combination of handouts and power point and discussions marked the program. The three sessions covered:
1. Overview: a look at demographic changes, questions based on the longevity revolution, the issue of “ageism”, a Jewish text approach to aging as well as discussions looking at one’s fears of aging, search for self and the need for relationships.
2. This session looked at issues related to end of life issues, medical technology and Jewish values. The sessions included a look at the tension between dependence and individualism, the value of “p’kuah nefesh” and the associated concept of “dignity” as well as a discussion on if there is ever a “time to die” and the notion of the healing of the spirit.
3. The final session, focused on the issue of legacy discussing the place and role of the Ethical Will; where is comes from and how to construct one.
Feel free to contact Rabbi Siegal for further information, again, at: j.siegal@judeagables.org)

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