The Dining Room Window


I woke up one recent morning to snow—yet again! Put on my slippers, stepped out of my cozy bed cocoon, half asleep and grumpy, and trudged reluctantly to the kitchen to start my coffee. Then, turned around and looked out the dining room window.

Funny—how everything can change in an instant!

One of the things I observe lately is how my view—of life, the people around me, the world, even my long-held beliefs—is changing. Is it growing older? The fact that my life is so different than what I envisioned? Am I losing my optimism? Becoming cynical? Hardened? I hope not. But I often think so.

And then—unexpectedly—something happens. Something magical! Something so simple yet so amazing! I look out my dining room window.

Mother Nature has painted a beautiful winter scene and set it just outside my dining room window. She has accompanied it with music; the song of the birds at my feeders and the gentle, almost silence of the snowflakes as they fall against the glass. I sit down on the chair at the table and watch—almost mesmerised—as the picture changes ever so gradually with the additional strokes of whiteness.

How was it that I had forgotten about Simple Pleasures?

The joy of being alive yet another day. The possibility of seeing something wonderful. The realization that I Don’t Have To Have Much To Have It All!

I just have to look out the window and see The View!

Carole Leskin




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