The Trees Don’t Know About Disease

I had to go to CVS
And I was nervous, I must confess.
Armed with lotions, wipes and sprays
I drove along in a medical daze!

The roads were clear,
I could sense the fear.
Stay home! Stay away!
With the virus you might pay!

The store was nearly empty,
The staff was kind and calm.
They wore gloves and stood six feet back.
Of proper caution there was no lack.

I paid for the prescription
So important for my health.
And then made sure to say
Their presence saved my day!

I hurried out to find my car,
Surprised to note it was Spring!
The temperature was in the sixties!
And the birds could happily sing!

I drove up the country road
That leads to my little house.
Suddenly there they were —
The Trees!

I realized with pleasure
They don’t know about the disease!
The forsythia turned sunny yellow.
The magnolia now a sweet rose.
The dogwoods were pink and white.
The red maples crayon bright.
The world seemed to have blossomed

I parked the car.
Spent an hour sitting there.
The sunroof and
The windows open wide.
I did not dare
To disturb
The gentle air.
I did not want to go
Back inside.

I sadly resumed my isolation
Along with the rest of the nation.
But tonight as I climb into my bed,
With my cat Lovebug next to my head,
I will sleep with ease.
Because despite this disease
I know there still are
The Trees!



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