Thinking about Passover

For us, April is one of the kindest, most exciting months. Hope is renewed! We get to measure ourselves against what was and what we hope will be. Baseball returns, and as a life long Phillies fan, we are allowed to dream again of what may be possible. It is a long journey!

Rabbi Richard AddressAnd then there is Passover! Perhaps no festival has more impact on us as we age than this one does. Every one of us can recount seders past, and we often mark time by who is sitting with us at the seder, how they have changed, and mark those places that are no longer filled  with friends of loved ones.

Time is relative in many ways. And, thanks to the blessings of health and medical technology, we enjoy the reality that the number of years we have lived often bears no relationship as to how “old” or “young” we are. Many of us now are seeking to find new ways of expressing the awakening of this new age of growth and self discovery. Those themes permeate the Passover story and are reflected, in many ways, in our own lives.

This month, we welcome another new contributor whose new role in life is to help people in this sacred  journey of self discovery and growth. Harriette Lowenstein is a counselor and life coach and we welcome her to our site. She provides us with an interesting “thought piece” for this month of renewal, discovery and hope. We welcome your thoughts.

Please enjoy a healthy and joyous Passover season.

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