What is Your Passion? – New contributor Bonnie Joffe, founder of 50andBeyond.com

 As quirky as this sounds, it always feel like trash day. Why? Because the weeks fly by so fast that every time I turn around, my trash cans are being brought to the curb. There are many weekly or monthly rituals that just seem to come around way too fast!

Bonnie Joffe
Bonnie Joffe

This then brings out the philosopher in me. I become clearer by each passing year that I need, must, and want to do what I am passionate about and what drives my inner self. I have always been obsessed with my kids and family! In my world, that goes without saying. But finding a passion outside of oneself, in my opinion, is what enables us as individuals to possess that zest for life and an overall sense of satisfaction.

I know I am privileged. When I wake up every morning, I look forward to and anticipate what the next 12-18 hours will bring.  And this too, I know, is a gift.

Having founded my business three years ago, 50andbeyond.com, I did not realize at the time, the impact I would have in helping those who would not only need support and understanding, but have easy access to the information and services that are so critical to our aging population. Whether it is the elderly themselves, the adult children of elderly, or the adult children themselves, by providing this necessary and relevant information to a demographic that makes up over one third of the population in the United States, I am now able to simplify the lives of these baby boomers and seniors and truly make a difference in their lives.

I know from experience, when you have the desire to create something bigger than yourself, and really love what you are doing, whether work, community causes or both, life takes on a new dimension.

Be good to yourself… Find that passion that moves you!

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