You Are Invited To Explore The Challenges of Advanced Illness and Caregiving

On October 9-11, 2018, in Denver, hundreds of concerned activists will gather for the annual summit of the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC).

Health care leaders, policy  makers, consumer advocates, academics and clergy from all faiths will gather to discuss and learn about the growing movement towards comprehensive, value and patient focused care for people with advanced illness. A major focus of the summit this year will be to examine issues related to caregiving.

The National Summit on Advanced Illness will explore a variety of issues, from policy initiatives to legislative possibilities as well as several opportunities for multi-faith clergy inter-action through the C-TAC Interfaith and Diversity work group.

There will also be examples of community organization and activism that speak to direct service to people and families dealing with advanced illness.

C-TAC will also launch, by Summit time, an on-line tool kit aimed at Jewish clergy that speaks to how to create a congregation based program for caregiver support. The debates and challenges of dealing with advanced illness and the impact of this issue on families, is an issue that will continue to impact more and more of us. Clergy and healthcare providers certainly can attest to the growing challenges, from the financial to the spiritual. If you are interested in attending the Summit, you can get information by going to If you have questions about the Summit, you can contact Stephen Waldron at and Allan Malievsky at If you are clergy and would like to be part of the Interfaith and Diversity working group, please let them know or send me the request (


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