You are Invited: Jewish Sacred Aging Radio to Launch November 7

Shalom. It gives us great pleasure to announce the beginning of a new aspect of our work. On November 7, we will begin a 1 hour weekly live Internet radio show: Jewish Sacred Aging Radio. It will be launched on the blog talk radio platform ( and the shows will be pod cast and archived on that platform as well as on our web site here.You will be able to listne by going to:

This is the next development from our former local Philadelphia show and our regular series of JSA podcasts. The show will air on TUESDAY Mornings 11am to Noon, eastern time. We have an interesting series of guests lined up for the first month (see the side bar on this home page) and we are inviting commentary from a wide range of participants. We hope to explore a variety of topics, Jewish and secular, that impact Boomers and our families. We hope to provide avenue for authors and artists who are creating material and resources that touch on our issues of aging and spirituality and family concerns.
As the shows will be hosted mostly in a live format, we will have call in capability and that call in number will be 1-646-668-8763.

This is an exciting next step for Jewish Sacred Aging and we invite you to participate not only by listening, but by sending in any ideas and, if you are working in this area, by contacting us in hopes of having your appear. We welcome your ideas and hope to assist in the communication by creating a distinct Jewish Sacred Aging Radio Facebook page as well.

Stay tuned, as they say, and we look forward to reaching you beginning November 7 at 11am eastern time

To access the show go to: There will also be a link on this home page.

Rabbi Richard F Address

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